Basic steps for a simple pedicure at home

Due to health and aesthetic reasons, pedicure is performed. This activity includes foot care, care and arrangement of nails and skin around the nails, removal of dead skin and repair of problems with ingrown nails and so-called “corns”.

10 useful items for proper pedicure at home:

  1. Foot bath. A towel, a bath bowl and bath salt are needed.
  2. Stone to remove dead skin on the feet.
  3. Foot cosmetics (cream, lotion and peeling).
  4. Cuticle stick and nail file
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Nail scissors
  7. Basic nail polish and nail polish
  8. Colored nail polish
  9. Cotton wool or pads
  10. Petals of favorite flowers-optional.
    Pour warm water into a bowl or basin. Dip a foot bath, essential oil and flower petals into the water. Keep your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes or until the skin and nails soften. Remove the dead skin on the heels and the lower part of the foot with a stone. Wash the feet and dry them with a towel. In a thicker layer, apply a cream or foot lotion and gently massage into the skin. Then apply the oil on the cuticles and wait a few minutes until the oil absorbs. Then use a small cuticle stick to push the skin. Nails are best shaped in the direction of natural growth. Beauticians advise that nails can be cut into a cube shape. Then file the nails and wash them thoroughly. You can use cotton wool or toilet paper to separate the toes. Apply protective nail polish. When the nail polish dries, apply two coats of the desired nail polish. Wait about 10 minutes between each coat for the varnish to dry. Then apply a top coat of top coat (which extends the life of regular nail polish). For at least one hour, avoid wearing socks and shoes, walking.

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