International Dance Day is April 29

Dancing is the best and free (at home) way to encourage flexibility, strength, endurance, social skill and strengthen the bones of the whole body and achieve a harmonious figure.
In honor of the French dance expert and choreographer Jean Georges Noverre, every year since 1982, April 29 is celebrated – World Dance Day. French dancer Jean G. Noverre began his dance career at the Opera Comique (Paris). He then continued his career in Berlin, Dresden, Strasbourg, Marseille and Lyon. He has created 150 choreographic works. Noverre leaves an indelible mark in the history of dance and ballet even though he had to end his career due to a serious injury. Noverre rejects “opera entertainment” (the function of ballet at the time) and writes about ballet as a possible instinctual drama with feelings and content. 1958 The Noverre Society for the Advancement and Support of Young Choreographers of Contemporary Ballet is founded in Stuttgart. Patrons were J. Kylian, J. Neumeier and William Forsythe. In the 1970s, the hip hop / rap cultural movement developed among the urban population, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Jamaicans in the Bronx, New York, but spread rapidly throughout the world. The so-called “floor rock” or “down rock” or dance movements at the bottom also developed in the 70’s. As the music genre changes (soul, funk, earlier hip hop, etc.), individual dance movements are added or subtracted. Dance became planetarily popular in the 80s and 90s and is part of numerous musicals, movies and dance arrangements.
The dance can be divided into: English and Viennese waltz, quickstep, tango and slowfox.
Social dances can be divided into: mambo, salsa, discofox and merengue.
Latin American dance can be divided into: samba, rumba, jive, cha cha cha and paso doble.

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