Roses have inspired people with their beauty and fragrance for thousands of years

Roses are fragrant and beautiful flowers in various colors. Every color of rose has meaning. Roses have inspired people for thousands of years to develop a hidden language of symbolic messages.
The rose entered the world of art in full during the period of Greco-Roman antiquity. In ancient Greece, the poet Anacreon in his Odes celebrated the rose as the magical queen of flowers and the flower of the gods.
In antiquity, the rose was a flower of love and happiness full of life and a symbol of heroic courage, triumph and glory. Roses were placed on the graves of fallen heroes and associated with the afterlife. In Rome, they even introduced a special holiday, the so-called Rosalia when they remembered the deceased relatives and friends by sprinkling roses on the graves and preparing dishes from rose petals. To the Romans, roses represented luxury, wealth and excellence.
Also, roses were an attribute of beauties for sale because Greek heterosexuals and Roman courtesans preferred to adorn themselves with roses. That is why in the 19th century prostitutes were mockingly called roses, and brothels were called “At the Red Rose”, “At the Rose Garden”, etc. Fortunately, such an attitude towards roses did not last long. Already at the end of the 19th century the injustice was corrected. The impression of a rose improves and the reputation of this beautiful flower climbs.
There is no trace of such a thing in today’s world. The rose is associated with love. It has become a constant in European culture. All the major artists painted, drew and wrote about roses. They never hid their enthusiasm for that flower.
In Christian iconography it carries numerous meanings from heavenly beauty and eternal life, God’s love and grace, all the way to unwavering faith and martyrdom.
The red rose is a symbol of lasting love and eternal romance. It signifies beauty. We donate red roses for wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and more. It means respecting and acknowledging a person’s success. A bouquet of 12 roses is an ideal way to show feelings to a “special” person.
The pink rose is a symbol of elegance, femininity and elegance. It expresses a feeling of admiration and tenderness. There are more shades (lighter and darker) of pink roses.
The orange rose is a symbol of desire and enthusiasm. This is an ideal rose for expressing attraction with a hidden message of passion.
The blue rose is a symbol of the unattainable and impossible. These roses can only be obtained chemically.
Lavender rose-is a symbol of love at first sight and fascination and enchantment.
The white rose is a symbol of innocence, humility, purity and chastity. It means a new beginning, pure intentions, affection and respect. It signifies the memory of a dear person. A bouquet of white roses is given with the meaning of “greeting” and a memory of a person.
The yellow rose — was a symbol of jealousy in the Victorian time period. Today it signifies friendship, wealth, exuberance, and abundance. It creates a feeling of happiness and warmth. It is associated with affection and friendship.

Most roses are grown in India. The largest production in the world is in India, where they grow many of their own species. Indians use flowers for various purposes (wedding decorations, flower wreaths to welcome guests or in temples). The second largest area is China. Both countries grow roses for domestic consumption, and a very small percentage goes for export.

The largest African countries by production are Kenya and Ethiopia. Low wages and investment incentive policies have led to an increase in production in Ethiopia. Business processes have improved, companies have been modernized and quality has improved. Other African countries that produce roses are Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa.

For years, the Netherlands has been an important market where Royal FloraHolland supplies many roses. The largest exporters to the Netherlands are Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Another major exporter is Colombia to the United States. About 70 percent of Colombian rose production finds its way to the U.S., where it is sold through several different channels. Roses are one of the most popular flowers in America and are primarily sold in supermarkets and flower shops.

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