A brief history of various types of summer footwear


A brief history of various types of summer footwear
Modern platforms, timeless ballet flats, flat sandals, sandals with high heels and jewelry, flat slippers, summer slippers with heels, wooden clogs and more – are just some of the many variants of summer footwear and a timeless part of summer styling. Footwear has always protected the feet, complemented the “image” of each person and indicated social status.


In 1938, 10-millennium-old sandals were found in Oregon, France. Originally from Greece, they are made of woven thin bark. The sandals are completely flat, with closed toes and a rope tied around the ankles. Greece is otherwise known for flat sandals. Actors in Greek tragedies, however, used high platforms made of wood or cork. The oldest depictions of shoes with heels are on the wall paintings of ancient Egypt. In the Middle Ages, women and men wore “patan” – a type of wooden slippers that are worn over shoes to wear mud protection shoes. In the 15th century, a “shopan” appeared in Turkey, which soon became popular footwear in Europe. The height was up to 20 cm and in some cases up to 75 cm. In Venice, “shopan” shoes were a status symbol that speaks of a woman’s wealth and social position. During the 16th century, a new type of footwear with heels appeared, which was part of the sole. These shoes were worn by both men and women. The formal introduction of high heels in fashion is attributed to Catherine Medicci. 1533 Catherine Medicci marries Henry II Duke of Orleans who later becomes King of France. Catherine Medicci was a short woman, so she ordered heeled shoes to impress the French. During the Rococo period, heels are high and thinner than in the previous period. Many women have tightened their feet to make them smaller. During the 20th century, high and low heels alternated at shorter intervals. The 20th century begins with low heels. The crazy 20s of the 20th century are again popularizing high-heeled shoes and belt tying. 1930 German actress Marlene Diettrich first uses platform sandals. Otherwise, platform sandals are suitable for work, walking and going out. They can be in a wide range of colors, made of cork and rope, in different versions, with interesting prints and fashion details, in metallic, bright or pastel tones. After World War II, Christian Dior and Vivie present the first loungewear with stiletto heels. Any footwear that has been fashionable in the long period of footwear development from time to time and with certain accessories and innovations — becomes modern footwear again. Today, it is again a modern summer footwear in bright colors with open toes in a retro style, flat sandals, platforms, ballet flats and wooden clogs. The ballet flats are the work of the famous Parisian fashion company Repetto (www.repetto.com) . To this day, they remain a part of timeless summer fashion styling due to the influence of movie divas. In 1956, Brigitte Bardot wore an irresistible pair of red fine leather with a bow in the legendary film “God Created a Woman”. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn was remembered for her little black dress, beaded necklace and ballet flats worn with capri pants. Audrey Hepburn even had satin ballet flats at her own wedding alongside a lavish wedding dress. Ballet flats can be with a spike, with a ribbon around the wrist or beads for tying like sandals, with a flat platform. They are always feminine, sophisticated, modern, and elegant.
Summer footwear includes wooden clogs whose history begins several hundred years ago in the Netherlands. The clogs of that time were made of poplar, willow or apple tree to be more durable and long-lasting. Imaginative shoemakers decorated the clogs, and painted them by adding various colors, motifs and ornaments. 1950 this ancient summer footwear goes into mass serial production. The peak of popularity occurs during hippie culture. Wooden clogs are also popular today in all variants of decoration (with floral, and geometric patterns, etc.) because they are ideal summer shoes. Fashion shoe designers always emphasize that any summer footwear should be comfortable, practical, and visually elongate the person without burdening the body.




Red wooden shoes

They are made from poplar wood in a Dutch factory.

Did you know that

  • they provide cooling in the warm summer months
  • they absorb a lot of moisture and this prevents sweaty feet
  • they are warm in the cold winter months
  • they can prevent back problems because of the good footbed
  • they are safe for the workplace
  • you can easily put them on and off


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