Jeans pants with a shallow or high waist and a small outer pocket are part of jeans

Jeans pants with a shallow or high waist and a small outer pocket are part of jeans
The first Levi Strauss pants appeared in 1879. They had two standard front and two back pockets. They had a strange little front pocket. This pocket is impractical and too small to store petty cash or cell phones because it appeared long before the mobile phone era. Renowned American textile and clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss created such a small pocket during the 19th century to store pocket watches. Pocket watches were very popular at the time. Over time, the design of jeans changed, but the pockets on many models remained in the same place. One of the less popular jeans is the so-called “low waist model”.
Jeans with a low waist are a model of pants that has brought cultural complexity to the fashion world. This is a model of jeans whose bottom is on the border to reveal more than you need. This model dates from the 60s of the 20th century or the era of fashion flourishing. Members of the so-called hippy culture were the first to use this not at all flattering item of clothing. They combined it with colorful paisley shirts. The first celebrities we saw publicly with this model of jeans were rock’n’roll legends Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendix and Jim Morrison. After the hippies, members of the so-called disco scene also implemented this garment. Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt and Alexander McQueen used this model with a shallow belt at fashion shows. Even Alexander McQueen introduced pants called “boomsters” that show the top of the gluteus. After the McQueen fashion show, the jeans market literally experienced a huge expansion. Kate Moss had one such model on the cover of a fashion magazine. Actresses, singers and models of the 21st century are most responsible for the further popularization of this model of trousers by unattractively depicting physical imperfections. These ladies promoted unhealthy thinness by wearing jeans models with a shallow waist. Fashion shows in Paris and Milan showcased low waist jeans again. Ulla Johnson offers a wide variant of low waits straight cut, Fendi and Versace offer low waits shorts while Olivier Rousteing offers the classic low waist model. BDG brings an extremely wide model while Colin Strade and Blank NYC offer bold prints and stripes. New York 2020 was the world’s most inclusive city. New York is also one of the capitals that dictates fashion events in the world. That is why in New York 2020, the most different models of low waist jeans were shown on the catwalks.
Today, modern jeans are light (washed) shades of blue, straight cuts and wide legs but high waist because they go well with all pastel colors (mint, yellow, shades of blue, lavender, etc.). You can combine these models of denim pants with a wide white shirt, moccasins, college shoes or oxford shoes or any other shoes with flat soles.

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