Beta carotene should be ingested six weeks before exposure to strong sunlight

The skin can be prepared in advance before exposure to strong sunlight even during reduced movement during a pandemic. The sun’s rays raise the level of serotonin, the hormone responsible for good mood. Any preparation and adjustment of eating habits will be easier and faster due to the imminent arrival of summer.

  1. Six weeks before direct exposure to strong sunlight it is necessary to increase the intake of beta carotene (for example carrots). The most effective is the intake of beta carotene in its natural form. Beta carotene is a nutrient often called “natural parasol” because it protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. It is metabolized in the body to vitamin A, which reduces the activity of free radicals in fat by exposure to UV rays.
  2. Beta-carotene accelerates skin tanning. It reduces burns because it activates melanin which gives the skin a uniform and tanned look.
  3. Carrots are best eaten raw – grated in various salads – in salty varieties in combination with kohlrabi, zucchini, tomatoes and red peppers.
  4. Carrots can be included in various desserts in combination with apple and raw cocoa powder, which are also great protectors of health and beautiful skin.
  5. Carrots go well with mango and peach.
  6. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, apricots, melons, red peppers are foods that have high levels of beta-carotene.
  7. Choose green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.
  8. The ideal foods to prepare the skin and preserve the complexion are tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries and cherries – these foods contain lycopene and vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and gives the skin a glow. Lycopene is a very effective photo-protective antioxidant that gives the skin radiance. In combination with vitamin A (which is contained in the above mentioned foods) it maintains skin suppleness and helps hydrate the skin.
  9. Lycopene makes the skin resistant to sunlight. In order to use lycopene from tomatoes, it is best to cook these vegetables and use them in dishes with other vegetables.
  10. You can slice fresh tomatoes into slices add a little olive oil and chia seeds which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help calm inflammatory processes and provide protection against sunburn and melanoma.
  11. Protein-rich foods contain the amino acid tyrosine. This amino acid is involved, among other things, in the construction of the skin pigment-melanin. That is why it is essential for tanning the skin and maintaining a tan. Add nuts to shakes and sesame seeds and pumpkin to salads.
  12. For breakfast, choose oatmeal with yogurt and soft cheese, which due to the calcium content also affect the speed of tanning and skin renewal. Eggs are a nutritionally rich food. The content of vitamin B6 from egg yolks gives the skin a protective layer in the form of dark pigments that protect the skin.

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