10 cosmetic recipes with whey


10 cosmetic recipes with whey
Whey is a cheap and easily available natural beverage. Whey does not contain fat. Whey contains a lot of proteins that are easily absorbed, vitamins and minerals and gives the body the necessary amino acids. Whey is an ideal food for many cosmetic recipes that improve the structure of the hair and scalp. Whey can be bought in stores or made at home. Sour milk whey: bring sour milk to a boil at a low temperature but do not let it boil. Leave on the stove until cool. Strain the cooled liquid through several layers of gauze. Whey: Bring a liter of milk to a boil. Add the juice of one lemon. Stir. Remove from the stove. Separate the cheese from the cooled mixture and drain the whey with gauze.

  1. Heat oily skin mask – 100 ml of whey to 35-37 ° C. Soak the swab in that liquid. Apply on face and décolleté. Wash with warm water after the skin absorbs the liquid. This simple procedure removes oily shine, tones and cleanses the skin.
  2. Skin normalization mask – mix half a spoon of ground coffee with two spoons of whey. Hold the mask on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The mask is useful because it nourishes the skin and improves the tonality.
  3. Whitening mask for normal and oily skin-Mix three tablespoons of greasy cow’s cheese with 3 tablespoons of whey. Apply the mask on the previously cleansed face. Let the mask work for about ten minutes. Rinse face with water or green tea. The mask helps against freckles and pigment spots on the face.
  4. Skin mask with accentuated pores-Mix the whipped egg whites with a small spoonful of flour and two spoonfuls of whey. Put the mask on your face. Rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. If the skin is not oily then you can use egg yolks instead of egg whites. This mask cleanses and smoothes the skin. It dries the skin and narrows the pores.
  5. Hair mask-200 ml of whey heat to 40-50 ° C. Add the oatmeal to get a thick mixture. Apply the mask on your head. Then cover your head with polyethylene foil and then with a towel. Hold the mask for half an hour. Rinse your hair with warm water without using shampoo. The mask gives the hair shine. The mask strengthens the hair.
  6. Nail bath – add 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to 250 ml of warm water. Keep your fingers in this mixture for about ten minutes. Wipe your fingers with a tissue. The bath is great for strengthening nails.
  7. Washing mixture – dip two to three pieces of rye or wheat bread in 100 ml of whey. Make a mixture which you then put on your face. Gently massage the skin for about 10 minutes. Rinse face with room temperature water. This mixture cleanses and nourishes the skin.
  8. Fill the bath-tub with warm water. Add a handful of bran. Add 5 drops of wheat oil and 2 liters of whey. Practice the bath for 20 minutes. Wipe the skin with a towel (without rinsing the skin with water). The bath perfectly tones the skin.
  9. Peeling for the face – for normal and dry skin: mix half a tablespoon of oatmeal and two tablespoons of whey. Put a mask on your face. Massage for 2 minutes in light circular motions. Wash your face with warm and then cold water.
  10. Face peeling for oily skin: mix three tablespoons of whey with a tablespoon of salt. Massage the resulting mass on the face for one minute. Rinse face with warm water. After peeling, apply a moisturizing face cream on the skin.

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