The gorgeous white lily is easy to grow so it is suitable for beginners

The white lily, according to beliefs, attracts happiness and well-being. Other names are the Royal Flower and the Mother of God Flower. The flower is native to southwest Asia. The flower then spread to a wider area of ​​the Mediterranean. The white lily is one of the most popular houseplants. It has an interesting look. This is a plant that is easy to grow so it is suitable for beginners.

The flower consists of 6 or 7 petals that grow moderately on thin stems in optimal conditions. The growth rate decreases in winter. The bright green leaves are lanceolate in shape with a wavy texture. It appears in shades of dark green, blue-green and colorful. There are striped and colorful patterns. The leaves of the peace lily are up to 20 centimeters long. Legend has it that this flower originated from the tears of Jesus.
The white lily loves an environment with plenty of light, without direct exposure to the sun.
Some of the most famous ancient civilizations, such as ancient Egypt, Rome, and ancient Greece, wove a lily flower in their mythologies. Often called the “Flower of Paradise”, the lily has always been associated with perfection, tenderness and uncompromising love and hope.
In ancient Greece, it was dedicated to the goddess Hera, one of the most exalted deities of that time. According to legend, the white lily was created while Hera was breastfeeding her son Hercules, so a few of her drops fell to the ground.
In Rome, it is also dedicated to the exalted goddess Venus, the protector of love and prosperity. While in ancient Egypt it was a symbol of the dignity of rulers.
However, the symbolism of the lily flower was most impressive in the Christian era. According to legend, they arose from the tears of Jesus Christ during the execution. It is considered a favorite flower of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, the lily represented immaculate purity and innocence. The three petals are associated with the cult of the Holy Trinity. It is also believed that each lily petal depicts the three most valued qualities of the Virgin Mary, innocence, modesty and piety.

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