Cosmetic brand from New York “Kiehl’s” in 2021 marks the 170th anniversary

Kiehl’s American cosmetics brand was founded in 1851 in New York. Over time, it has become a mega-popular and legendary New York brand of high-quality skin care products. In 2021, it celebrates a great 170 years of existence. The so-called “Kiehl’s experience” has spread around the world and continues to delight with high quality formulas and the utmost expertise when it comes to skin care.
Essential oils Love-Luring, Fortune Seeking and Jinx-Removing. In 1921, Irvin Morse designed the first line of fragrances after taking over the pharmacy. The legendary product Original Musk Oil quickly gained fame and became recognizable Kiehl’s fragrance. Mr. Morse also offered over 120 essential oils that were used as a personal fragrance. Inspired by the tinctures for “attracting happiness” by which they were recognizable at the time, three enchanting scents were returned to Kiehl’s shelves:
• Love-Luring Essence Oil – this sophisticated floral fragrance is a “love potion” of the modern age. Full floral aroma enriched with jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.
• Fortune-Seeking Essence Oil – an essential oil for those looking for a little luck. A light, fresh scent enriched with notes of citrus and white tea.
• Jinx-Removing Essence Oil – inspired by similar preparations from the 1920s, this unique fragrance was created for those looking for new beginnings and personal freedom. A warm, sensual scent enriched with vetiver and sandalwood.
The sixties marked a new era for skin care and celebrated the beginning of the use of the routine in a few steps. Customers were looking for products that are decadent and luxurious for home care and enjoyment of personal moments. Inspired by Kiehl’s collection of rose water toners from the 1960s, a new, refreshed formula arrives – Heritage French Rosewater Toner. The new tonic is enriched with rose water and whole, hand-picked petals of Turkish roses from renewable sources. With a gentle and fresh scent, this gentle toner hydrates the skin and balances its pH for smoother skin, soft as petals.

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