Flavonoids are powerful natural antioxidants


Flavonoids are powerful natural antioxidants
Flavonoids are a chemically related group of compounds. In nature, they are presented in shades of yellow. They are found in root, tree, flower, leaf and fruit. Some types of fungi, along with plants, may contain these compounds. They can achieve different physiological effects in accordance with diversity and complexity. Herbal extracts in natural medicines and phyto-preparations from pharmacies have a wide medicinal range.
Citrus flavonoids are in citrus fruits (green and yellow lemons, all kinds of oranges and grapefruits). The best known are diosmin, hesperidin, quercitrin and rutin. They have an antioxidant effect at the level of the endothelium of blood vessels. They are ingredients in herbal preparations for lowering blood pressure. Medicines based on purified citrus fractions are in the international guides for the treatment of venous diseases (hemorrhoidal syndrome, venous insufficiency).
Grapes and grapefruit flavonoids- are traditionally used to treat high blood pressure. These compounds give the wine bitterness, color, healing properties and chemical stability. Generally speaking, wines are antioxidants and chemo-protectors. Creams and gels with grapevine extract are used for external treatment for problems of dilated capillaries in the veins.
Fruits with flavonoids – plant extracts of raspberries, blueberries, chokeberries, blackberries, tomatoes, peppers and carrots have a high antioxidant potential. They have a protective effect on the structure of the skin and blood. The flavonoids of banana and plum have a protective effect in the digestive tract.
Ginkgo flavonoids – oral use improves circulatory functions in the brain. They act as neurostimulants. Ginkgo extracts have traditionally solved problems with cognitive functions.


Green tea, guarana, cocoa and coffee types of beverages contain flavonoid components with a stimulating effect on the metabolism of sugar and fat in the body. Consumption of preparations with these herbs has a neuro-protective effect.
Cranberry flavonoids have a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. They are excreted in the urine in active form. Therefore, they are traditionally used in teas, beverages and tea blends for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the bladder and kidneys.
Green vegetables – flavonoids are found in smaller amounts in green vegetables. However, with diet, they have an anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the human body. Parsley or spinach extract is used for liver disease. Medicines with burdock extract are used for toxic hepatitis.




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