3 mini devices for relaxation from stressful everyday life

Nano Time Beauty Eyemagic

3 mini devices for relaxation from stressful everyday life
Novelties for relaxing from the stress of everyday life have been constantly appearing since gadgets became part of the domain of health and beauty. Small devices that ingeniously combine nature and technology are popular. The inspiration for these devices is often in renewable energy sources and various meditation techniques.

  1. Mobile phone blocker-Ernst Koning is a product designer from Amsterdam. Koning made “Block” with entrepreneur Fabian Sapthu. Block is a stylized container in which the smartphone is temporarily closed to receive no signals. The block works on the principle of the Faraday cage, ie it blocks the electromagnetic field of the device. Koning and Sapthu say they are especially pleased to have found the “antidote” for smartphone addiction in 19th-century knowledge.
  2. Smart Pebble for Meditation-Charles Cadbury and Alex Strang are the founders of the Kickstarter-global community for creative projects. They like to practice mindfulness meditation even though a busy day in New York distracts them for a while. They devised the so-called “Moment Pebble”. It is a small wireless device that looks like a pebble. It is easily activated by touch. It serves as a reminder that each person can briefly devote themselves to small pleasures during the day: deep breathing and releasing the accumulated stress. Pebble Moment is not connected to the mobile application. It encourages people to be “here and now” without harassing calls and messages from a mobile phone.
  3. Solar face massager-face massager “Vface” has a built-in solar panel for collecting solar energy. This is a product of the Japanese company NanoTime Beauty. It converts solar energy into a gentle micro-current that relaxes tense muscles. Stimulates skin circulation and regeneration.





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