5 useful tips for smooth and beautiful skin


5 useful tips for smooth and beautiful skin

  1. The fewer hairs grown into the skin-blades should be really sharp to avoid ingrown hairs after shaving. These cut the hair straight and create less friction. Shaving directly in the shower is recommended because the hair is softer and the pores are open. Before shaving, you should apply a gel or foam that softens and straightens hair. The skin should then be rinsed with cold water to gently close the pores. Wipe the skin gently with a towel.
  2. Wet shaving is the most gentle shaving technique – it leaves the skin smooth for longer. Dry shaving is an alternative when a person is in a hurry. The hair is then cut only on the surface. This technique is less thorough and hair grows faster.
  3. Smooth and shaved skin helps to get an even complexion-because dead skin cells are erased. It is important to use sunscreen (after shave) to protect freshly shaved areas from burns.
  4. Razors should be changed regularly — depending on the thickness of the hair and the frequency of shaving, the lifespan of razors varies. The best sign is the feeling on the skin: if shaving gives a rough feeling and starts pulling hairs, it means that the razor needs to be changed After each use, rinse the knives under running water to avoid clogging the knives. Regular shaving is recommended because too long hair clogs the blade more easily. As soon as the integrated moisturizing gel in the tank is consumed-razor should be changed.
  5. There are women’s razors on the market today that allow you to shave effortlessly. The razors have two-way blades that shave back and forth. Shavers additionally protect against irritation, cuts and ingrown hairs. There are razors that allow you to shave in one smooth stroke without having to lift the razor off the skin. Innovatively placed blades shave up and down. Shavers contain moisturizing gel containers that are activated in contact with water. They reduce irritation and allow the razor to glide better on the skin. The razors only need to be changed frequently to always be sharp.




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