10 tips for birthday parties with children

10 tips for birthday parties with children
Parents / guardians always find themselves in a dilemma and facing challenges when birthday parties for children take place. Fun with wizards or action heroes, themed fun with fairies and elves or a celebration outside the home. Birthday parties are mostly reminiscent of small celebrations. Children actually have simple wishes that can be implemented without much effort and investment.

  1. The theme of entertainment can certainly be determined but without limitation of possibilities. It is advisable to let the child (if the age is appropriate) choose the guests at the party.
  2. Self-made napkins and name tags contribute to better fun at the beginning of the event.
  3. Children can make a table decoration. Children can make small works of art from Lego cubes depending on the theme of the party or they can make works of art from paper or cardboard by hand.
  4. The yard in front of the home is great for little creatives. Most children like to experiment with plasticine or hand paints. Kids who love the ball will also have fun in different ways. If children play a multi-participant game, the winner can receive a gift from a previously stored treasure box.
  5. You can offer children canvases and materials on which each child can express creativity with colors. I can take my works as a gift. That way the kids will have fun and have a memory from the event.
  6. Think of simple games. Classic games like balloon dancing or bubble blowing are a good start. Plan team games at the same time. Shared puzzles with the theme of fun will be fun for every child and no child will be a loser.
  7. An important topic at parties is food. Children are reluctant to set aside time for a meal. It is practical to integrate the cake during the party. It is desirable to prepare the cake together with the children. Decorate the cake (taken out of the oven) together. For children with food intolerance – it is necessary to check with their parents.
  8. Unpack the presents with the numbers game. This way no child will feel neglected as his / her gift is unpacked last.
  9. For the evening, prepare a colorful buffet with healthy snacks (cheese, oatmeal cookies, muffins, vegetables, fruits).
  10. Fun DIY figure: children can make their own “sticky figure” from the mixture. They can then choose colors (for food) and shape. Preparation of sticky mixture: ​​pour the shaving foam into a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of glue to make a figure. Then add a drop of contact lens fluid. Pour the food coloring of your choice into the mixture. The mixture will be more sticky the longer you mix the mass. You can store the mixture in old plastic yogurt containers. Cover with foil.

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