11 tips for future pregnant women and moms

Pregnancy is an exciting and sometimes disturbing new experience in every woman’s life. Pregnancy completely changes everyday life. It is accompanied by excitement, new emotions, love, strengthening of connections and intimacy and sometimes fear of a new experience. This process also means the emergence of various uncertainties.

  1. The combination of happiness and care sometimes leads to uncontrolled emotions in a pregnant woman. Unborn babies can feel the mother’s emotions through hormones and transmitters. The protective layer of the placenta can essentially protect the baby from stress hormones. Babies find it easier to tolerate external and new (turbulent) mother’s everyday life. Babies in the mother’s womb prepare for life. It is important for the emotional development of the child that the mother allows her emotions and that she knows how to “cope” with new emotions.
  2. Stress and pressure should not become a permanent condition. Good preparation relieves pregnant women of fears. A positive attitude works best if the pregnant woman is well prepared for childbirth, say pediatricians.
  3. Good preparation for childbirth strengthens mental health, relieves fears and helps to spend the whole period relaxed.
  4. Midwives say that pregnant women should know the entire course of pregnancy, the existing possibilities and decisions in which a pregnant woman can participate. Then the pregnant woman feels safer and more comfortable.
  5. Time to adapt to a new state means a little flexibility and independence. Because there is always the possibility that the desired gynecologist will be prevented and that the body will take control during childbirth. This is fine because childbirth is a physical experience that does not happen in the head, say mental trainers and specialized experts in preparation for childbirth.
  6. Pregnant women should build an optimistic attitude and trust themselves and the baby more without too much outside influence.
  7. Concentration on health and own resources helps pregnant women. Positive formulations help when a pregnant woman says “I want to have a strong and healthy birth” or “I want to have a safe baby.”
  8. Every form of stress should be reduced during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to be more careful with themselves. Massages, acupuncture, foot baths with the addition of honey, lavender and sea salt help. Listening to a short meditation with headphones on your ears also helps.
  9. Exercises to achieve relaxing moments are essential for every pregnant woman. Breathing exercises help always and everywhere. Take a deep breath and count. Then take a deep breath and count for longer. This slows down breathing and calms the body.
  10. A fun and group exercise is “dropping the tone”. Pregnant women in the group together try to drop a loud and strong “O”. This is a great exercise for relaxing the mind and body. The body will develop the potential for relaxation as pregnant women do these exercises more often. This is important for the period during pregnancy and after childbirth. Thus women practice an attitude of openness and not offering resistance to what follows.
  11. It also helps to get out of the home into the open space and fresh air. Try to consciously experience each step and indulge in the moment because pregnancy is the current state.

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