5 mountaineering destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina suitable for children

In many mountainous countries there are mountains suitable for hiking of adults and children. The backpack should contain supplies for adults and children (diapers, baby care products, etc.). You should always start with smaller mountain excursions / ascents that last half an hour or an hour. Nature needs to be experienced. It is not the most important item – reaching the goal. Rainy weather is also suitable for hiking because rain is a pleasure for the mind, senses and body. Every child is calmer after 15 minutes of staying in the mountains or in nature. Even short trails are pleasant for both children and adults.

  1. Trebević-is located near Sarajevo. Ascent and descent is possible by cable car. This mountain has a lot of promenades, marked hiking trails and paths and many locations for games, entertainment, movements and socializing. Here are the remains of a bobsled track that attracts children’s attention.
  2. Vlašić-is a significant tourist destination in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The plateau at an altitude of 1300 meters is known for the tradition of preparing Vlašić cheese. Due to its spaciousness, the mountain is suitable for various activities throughout the year. Day trips and nature walks are possible. Bike tours and skiing during the winter are possible.
  3. Vranica – is a mountain with a wealth of ore. On this mountain is the glacial lake “Prokoško Lake”, about 22 kilometers away from the town of Fojnica. The surroundings of the lake offer simple promenades and trails to discover the natural beauties. The protected nature park offers countless locations along the lake and around the lake for moments of peace in everyday life and enjoying the game, fun and shared moments.
  4. Jahorina-mountain is extremely rich in dense coniferous forest and sources of drinking water. Due to the favorable climate, it is suitable for hiking all year round. The green landscape and the richness of the trails offer the opportunity for various activities throughout the year. On the trails you will be able to pick forest fruits, mushrooms and medicinal herbs.
  5. Blidinje Nature Park – is located in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It includes the mountain massifs of Čvrsnica and Vran mountains. At the bottom of Dugo polje is the largest mountain lake in the country. This park is a picnic spot suitable for visits throughout the year due to the richness of greenery and natural beauty.


  1. I will soon go to Bosnia-Herzegovina, after Sarajevo I will go to see the old ski jumps of Igman (I heard that they should have been demolished in 2018). I will also walk from Umoljani to Lukomir. Then I will see Travnik, Jajce, Konjic (and the Tito Bunker), Jablanica and the lake … And also Blagaj, Pocitelj (vineyards region?) and Mostar!
    After Bosnia, I will take a flight to Zagreb, Croatia, to continue my travel. I think it is possible to do a rapid covid antigen test at Sarajevo airport?
    Maybe see you soon!

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    • Dear Benoit73,

      Great news and great locations/places to see. You probably already know that Sarajevo is the place where a lot of historical events happened. Here the First World war have been started. Other places are great as well. Wish you safe trip. I think it is possible to do a rapid test at the airport just upon arrival. Zagreb (Croatia) is also very charming and beautiful town. Then see you soon.

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