5 types of milk after breastfeeding


01 June -Worlds Milk Day
In the post-breastfeeding process, it is important to give the baby attention, warmth and closeness. At the beginning, the children are dissatisfied with the cessation of breastfeeding and additional changes (change of sleeping place, mother’s possible going to work, departure of the child to the nursery). Therefore, these changes should not happen in parallel because it would be too much of a change for the child. Every child sooner or later separates themselves from breastfeeding because this is a normal developmental sequence of events. However, sometimes it happens that the mother decides on this form of weaning ahead of time (for various reasons). Replacement rituals (such as wearing a pacifier or carrying a baby in your arms) are not always recommended.
Breast milk-The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breast milk until the end of 6 months. And after that period, breast milk has a lot of benefits for the child (it acts preventively against allergies, minimizes the possibility of obesity in children, prevention of cancer for the mother).
Pre-milk-is closest to breast milk. It is recommended from the cessation of breastfeeding until the baby’s first birthday. It is suitable for the preparation of milk porridge and cereal porridge.
Milk for children – contains iron, calcium, a lot of vitamin D that children find difficult to draw from other foods. This preparation is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the liquid state. Milk for children is suitable for children only after the child’s first birthday.
Cow’s milk-contains a lot of protein. No sugars or flavors are added to cow’s milk. It is recommended once a day in the amount of 100-200 ml for 6 months. It can be used as an addition to other dishes.
Herbal milk-drink made from rice, cereals or almonds are great alternatives to milk. However, they are not a suitable substitute for breast milk for babies. Slightly older children can consume vegetable milk as a substitute for cow’s milk. These types of milk can be used to prepare various porridges.

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