8 tips to make children more independent

8 tips to make children more independent
Children always look forward to parties on the playground, playing with peers, going on trips and the like. However, some children find it difficult to separate from adults. A new environment sometimes seems confusing, insecure and tiring to some children.

  1. Practice a shorter separation from the child. Leave the child with a nanny, acquaintance or friends for just a few hours to start. Gradually increase the separation time. This facilitates a possible longer separation in the future.
  2. Avoid ambiguous messages and be consistent. When you leave a child in the care of an acquaintance – then say goodbye once with the usual ritual. The insecure ritual gives the insecure child more security. Rituals are also important for children who go to kindergarten (for example, a greeting at the door).
  3. Every new situation causes insecurity. Ask carefully, listen actively and look for a solution together through conversation. Talk to your children over and over again.
  4. If a child doesn’t want to leave home in the morning — it’s still not a cause for concern. If the child does not want to get out of bed or generally get out of the house and starts with psycho-somatic reactions (unstoppable crying, moaning, noise, etc.) – then these reactions need to be further interpreted.
  5. If the child does not show progress in learning to read and write – it should be checked whether it is certain difficulties or lack of interest. Difficulties can always be solved with specialized training.
  6. Every child feels differently in larger groups of children. Some children are more independent and lively while others are calmer and more withdrawn. Every child is different and it depends on fitting into larger groups of children.
  7. A child may resist school, learning and writing due to a lack of challenges and exciting moments. Such children can be transferred to an appropriate / higher grade at the beginning of the school year in consultation with the school management. As a rule, this works well under adequate conditions and in certain countries.
  8. It is important to tell the child that she/he is a unique and separate being who can experience any situation in a special and different way. Adults need to know how to lower expectations and give children the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

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