Children always need a fresh snack that feeds the brain

Children always need extra fresh snacks between meals. These small meals also strengthen the brain and help the child develop better. They can also be a complete meal.

  1. Snacks should contain key ingredients: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and trace elements. The rest of the snack depends on the needs of the child and the creation of the adult.
  2. Smaller children often do not tolerate wholemeal bread because it stimulates digestion, which is not necessary in children. Then it makes more sense to prepare oatmeal cookies or energy bars for the child. Hidden sugars should be taken into account here. Nuts and seeds in the size / size of “one handful” are optimal. Carbohydrates give energy to the body quickly and in the long run. Protein affects the long-lasting feeling of satiety and gives good fats.
  3. Hummus that can be seasoned with herbs is a suitable spread for a snack.
  4. Vegetables and fruits supply the body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.
  5. A suitable drink for children is tea and water. Undiluted juices should not be part of a meal or snack. Many dairy products are sweetened. When a child drinks cocoa constantly with milk he does not feel the need for food. Soon the energy disappears.
  6. Snacks should be varied. Dried fruits, rice cookies, pieces of crispy fruit (apples, pears, plums, blueberries, etc.) are some examples of a good snack.
  7. For porridge, use the packing instructions. Porridge is a complete meal for young children. You can enrich the porridge with 30 grams of fruit (bananas and plums). Chop the fruit in a blender until smooth. Add to milk-cereal porridge. Milk cereals promote healthy digestion of babies, proper development of the brain and nerve cells. They are ideally suited to the age of the child with all the necessary nutrients.

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