Lavender is a Mediterranean plant that needs 8 hours of direct sunlight

Lavender is a Mediterranean plant that needs 8 hours of direct sunlight

  1. Fragrant lavender is used in cosmetics, confectionery, repels insects and moths from the home.
  2. The homeland of lavender is the dry and sunny climate of the western Mediterranean.
  3. Lavender loves soil of good permeability. Lavender does not like alkaline soil. If the soil is acidic, lime should be added.
  4. Lavender does not like cold winds, so you should choose a sheltered place for growing.
  5. If the soil where you plan to grow lavender is too moist — then give up growing because this plant does not like moisture.
  6. Lavender is not a demanding plant but requires moderation. If the plant is in a pot then the humidity of the soil should be monitored and the plant watered if the soil is completely dry.
  7. For lavender grown in gardens and orchards, it is recommended to place stones, larger gravel and gravel around the plant to stop the growth of weeds. Mulch is good for protecting the plant from frost.
  8. Lavender should be cut in early spring. It is necessary to cut off a third of the plant. Regular maintenance encourages growth and prevents messy spreading of branches.
  9. The flowers should be picked in full bloom. Harvesting should be avoided in warm weather. The harvest is best done immediately after the morning dew.
  10. Lavender contains essential oils, flavonoids and tannins. It is used in medicine, cosmetics and cooking. Lavender is an edible flower so it is suitable for making ice cream.


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