3 tips for brighter nails, eyes and lips at home


3 tips for brighter nails, eyes and lips at home
The glitter on the eyes, nails and lips always brings joy, a slight shimmer and a slight glamour but it should not be overdone.
Nails – there is no need to varnish the whole nail with sequins but only the tip of the nail. The whole look gets an unusual note without exaggeration. Nail polishes with sequins can damage the nails, so you should use a transparent nail polish. Nail polish in “nude” shades can also be used. Then apply glossy nail polish on the tips of the nails and let it flow gently downwards. This effect works best with quick movements or using a powder sponge. Generously soak a pointed sponge in the varnish. Apply to the tips of the nails with quick movements. Then apply a clear varnish or gel to keep the shine and the surface smooth. To remove, apply clear nail polish and allow to dry. Then remove the varnish and sequins with a piece of cotton wool soaked in acetone.
For eyelids, apply eyeshadow in nude shades for a uniform base. Then draw a silver shower from the inner edge of the eye to the eyebrow. The line should be slightly directed upwards. The second line also starts at the inner edge of the eye but goes directed upwards to the end of the eyelid where it will merge with the upper line. Fill the resulting shape (paint) with a shower. If the first layer is not enough, let it dry and pull another new layer. Put a little highlighter on the cheekbones. On the lips lipstick in a darker offer shades.
Lips – bronze lipstick forms the base. If the product already has a dazzling effect, that will be enough. For extra lip gloss, apply gold lipstick. The final layer of lip gloss makes the lips especially shimmery. Then you can put a shimmery shade of peach on the eyelids and black mascara on the lashes. A little peach-colored blush will round out the shimmer of the lips.


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