7 tips from a nurse / community nurse for bathing babies

For the first bath, the baby should wait until the navel falls off, which can last up to 3 weeks, the nurses advise. Babies need to slowly get used to water again after their mother’s womb.

  1. Timing- When the navel falls off it is time for the baby to bathe. In the beginning, 5 minutes twice a week is enough. If the child is sick, hungry or in a bad mood, it is better to give up.
  2. Preparing the room to a minimum of 23 degrees. Heat the water to 36 to 38 ° C. Check with a thermometer. Prepare a bath sponge, towels and peeling products in advance as you must not let the baby out of sight. Pour a few drops of breast milk into the bath water to prevent dry baby skin.
  3. Bath-bucket equipment offers more security. It offers more space for baths but requires the safe holding of parents. A cotton diaper will provide more safety in the water. Bathing is possible in the sink if the child is unable to reach the faucet.
  4. Technique-In a baby bath bucket, place it on your stomach on the lower arm. Hold one hand between your legs and the other hand under your back to embrace the left shoulder. That way the baby can’t slip while bathing him with the other hand.
  5. Flow-first wash your feet, legs, stomach and arms. Ztaim knees, between the fingers, armpits, neck and the place behind the ears, face and head are washed later so that the baby is not cold. The thighs are washed at the end of the bath.
  6. Fun bathing- you can specify a bathing song.
  7. Finishing the bath-the baby should be gently dried and wrapped in a pre-heated towel. The baby should be petted. You can finish the bath with a massage with nourishing oils and creams – as desired.

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