5 cosmetic benefits of Manuka honey for home use


5 cosmetic benefits of Manuka honey for home use

  1. Honey is a food without a shelf life, i.e. it can be used indefinitely for food and other forms. Honey is rich in antioxidants, so it is often applied to the skin and especially the eyelids. Strengthens eyesight and protects the skin from external negative influences. Manuka honey is also increasingly used.
  2. Manuka honey is obtained from the flower extract of manuka (a relative of Australian tea tree. Manuka grows in the mountainous regions of New Zealand and Southeast Australia. Maori (New Zealand natives) used bark and leaf extracts but also manuka honey for its healing effect. Manuka honey was disinfected wounds, accelerate healing processes and prevent inflammatory processes / conditions.
  3. Manuka honey is effective for colds, inflammatory processes of the bladder and other types of infections. That is why manuka honey is gladly used in beauty rituals. Polyphenols in honey prevent inflammatory processes, protect the body from free radicals and help in the process of slowing down cell oxidation.
  4. Manuka honey promotes skin regeneration and protects the skin from impurities. Stimulates fibroblasts (responsible for collagen production). It flattens the skin and covers small wrinkles on the face.
  5. Beauty rituals with manuka honey are delicious and effective. You can apply honey on the eyelids and keep it overnight. You can put honey in the nostrils and alleviate sinus inflammatory processes. Or, apply a thick layer of honey on your lips and leave it to act for a few hours (overnight). Any homemade meadow honey is quite a worthy substitute for manuka honey.


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