5 spices (aromas) that remove stress and nervousness in an instant


Some aromas can instantly remove stress and nervousness and evoke a feeling of excitement, nostalgia and happiness. Sensory impulses are transmitted directly through the nose to the limbic system, which is the center of emotions. In this center for emotions, feelings (joy, excitement, happiness or fear) are created, which are directly related to certain aromas. Essences contain many nutrients that help the body inside and out. Some flavors are especially suitable for weight loss because they strengthen the metabolism and burn fat. Some flavors enhance skin elasticity and protect against free radicals. While individual fragrances preserve additional beauty tricks and act against the aging process.


Almond-almond oil nourishes the hands. Vitamin E softens the skin, potassium and zinc strengthen the nails, giving the nails shine. They prevent breaking nails. Almond tree oil is a universal beautifier of hair, face and body. There is bitter almond oil (essential oil) and sweet almond oil (used in cosmetics). Sweet almond oil is gentle and light and easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin without clogging the pores. Sweet almond oil has a minimal acid content, so it is suitable for babies and people with problematic skin. Intensively hydrates, increases skin elasticity. Protects the skin from external influences. Strengthens the protective function of the skin. Perfectly restores dry and damaged parts of the scalp and hair when massaged into damp hair.


Cinnamon-Original Ceylon cinnamon originates from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh. They are obtained from the dried bark of the cinnamon tree, which has a sweet smell. Cinnamon gives foods and beverages an aromatic aroma when put in powder or stick form. Accelerates the process of burning fat. Protects the cardiovascular system. It regulates blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also improves circulation so it is the perfect spice for care. Cinnamon as a component of face masks reduces pores. Provides fuller lips in all lip care products.
Cocoa-There are studies that say that frequent consumption of cocoa powder increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and prevents skin aging caused by UV rays. The external use of cocoa butter in the form of care products further beautifies. The reason is that many nutrients are found in the fruits of the tropical cocoa tree. Vitamin E is a well-known anti-aging vitamin because it strengthens cell membranes and protects against free radicals. Vitamin K helps with dark circles and rosacea. Potassium regulates hydration. Butter with cocoa powder works well for dry skin and damaged hair due to the high content of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
Vanilla-aromatic powder comes from the eponymous orchid that grows in Africa, Central America, Indonesia and the West Indies. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world because this is a miracle spice. In aroma therapy, vanilla is used to treat depression, fear and sleep problems and reportedly prevents the urge for sweets. Vanilla considers it a powerful aphrodisiac. It alleviates inflammatory processes of the skin and helps against skin diseases (neurodermatitis and fungal diseases).
Ginger has a warming and vitalizing effect. A pleasant mixture of sweet and spicy body comes to life inside and out. It relieves the feeling of hunger and calms the stomach (especially for nausea during travel). Ginger root, which originates from tropical and subtropical areas, alleviates inflammatory processes and improves circulation. This makes ginger a great ingredient in skin care and beauty products. Products containing ginger have a positive effect on cellulite and effectively remove pimples from the face. It reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth when it is an integral part of the shampoo. It provides valuable antioxidants in face creams or body lotions. It supplies the cells with oxygen for a fresh look and pink skin tone.







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