5 basic principles of cosmetic and fashion concept Slow Beauty

Slow Beauty concept in fashion and cosmetics means harmony, naturalness and conscious treatment of one’s own body. This relatively recent trend follows five basic principles to make long-lasting beauty as the ultimate goal.

  1. Occasional breaks are important – lifestyle changes and care affect a person’s overall appearance. Stress, cigarette smoke and UV rays also have an adverse effect on the body and skin. The body adapts to the so-called survival mode in stressful situations. The heart beats faster, the breath speeds up and larger amounts of sugar and fat are released. All body functions that are not needed to fight (or escape) take place according to the energy saving mode. Excessive exploitation of the body’s resources occurs when people struggle to survive and live. That is why it is important to take frequent breaks and all the accompanying forms with which we store precious energy (meditation, walking in nature, relaxing beauty rituals).
  2. Beauty rituals require a time-relaxing body bath acts like a short break. Warm water stimulates circulation as the oxygen supply increases. Thus the muscles in the body relax and the body automatically recovers. The skin then absorbs bath additives perfectly as the heat opens the pores. A comprehensive care ritual should include the occasional use of masks / serums for hair and face. Most products may remain on the skin, face or hair for longer than indicated on the packaging. Some hair treatments can stay overnight.
  3. Simplicity and naturalness-quality care products are always a good choice according to the possibilities. Natural products work more slowly but therefore strengthen the skin barrier for a longer period of time, balance the skin’s moisture and prevent the development of various skin diseases.
  4. Ingredients in products are important — the Slow Beauty concept considers the bigger picture and re-examines the environmental toleration of the product. Try to find products / brands that have detailed control of constituents and production processes.
  5. The Slow Beauty concept celebrates every aspect of beauty — the pleasurable feeling is enhanced by emphasizing the advantages instead of covering the disadvantages. Personal virtues are in focus. Peace and relaxation are priorities for the phrase “I feel good in my own body”.

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