Slow food vs. Fast food vs. Slow beauty

Today, the mega popular concept of “slow food” was conceived by Italians in the 80s of the 20th century. Slow food is a counter-movement to the fast food trend (which is not a suitable form of diet for a long time). The so-called “slow food” is designed primarily to return the focus to conscious, local, regional, delicious cuisine. The fashion and cosmetics industry took over the slow concept and philosophy a few decades later. Initially, it was a form of organic and fair production. Then it became a slow beauty concept or the whole concept of beauty that emphasizes harmony, naturalness and a new form of awareness of one’s own body. The importance is placed on efficiency and finding quick solutions in line with the fast life everyday. Slow beauty concept means a set of products that directly achieve visible results. This concept also means with a little work to achieve perfection of mind, body, spirit and to achieve eternal youth. The basic motto of the Slow Beauty fashion concept is “better to prevent than to cure”. The goal is a long-term change of habits and rituals in fashion and cosmetics instead of a one-time problem solving. This means studying the various constituent substances of the product and re-examining the wishes and expectations of the individual. A person who consciously chooses / procures / buys also pays attention to a healthy attitude and conscious treatment of his/her own body and reflection in the mirror, naturalness, harmony and product quality – he/she will achieve the best results in the long run (in the concept of Slow Beauty). In fact, the basic principle of the concept of “Slow” is ultimately a relaxed and unburdened attitude towards various dogmas, opinions, claims from near and far.

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