Quince and walnut help the intestines and protect the intestinal mucosa

Quince is a valuable food for people with sensitive body. Quince is rich in vitamins A and B, mineral salts (primarily calcium), so it is recommended for people with lung diseases. Quince tea is an excellent remedy against intestinal disorders. Quince syrup cooked with twice the amount of sugar is an excellent means of sweating. Quince cheese (or cotonada) is recommended for sick children and children in development.
Quince juice-Cut 2 pounds of quince into pieces. Discard the stalk with the seed. Pour with 2 liters of water. Cook until the mass becomes cereal. Then strain the mixture through a damp piece of thin cloth (for example cotton gauze). Per liter of accumulated juice add ¼ kg of sugar and juice of 2 lemons. Cook for 15 minutes. Then pour the juice without delay into sulfurized bottles and pour resin (remnants of quince).
Cheese with quince (cotonada) – It takes 1 kg of sugar for 1 kg of pureed quince. Use round, ripe and as fresh quinces as possible. Pour cold water over the washed quinces. As soon as the water boils drain and put in new warm water. Repeat the process until the quinces are completely softened. After cooking, mash the quince and cook at a higher temperature. Use a newer enameled dish. Stir the cooking mixture constantly. Before the end of cooking, add the juice of one lemon and continue cooking until the mass becomes thick and separates from the ladle. Transfer the hot mass to molds or plates previously washed with cold water. The next day, shake out of the mold and leave for a few days for the mixture to dry. Cut into cubes and roll in powdered sugar.

Walnut is rich in vitamins A and B, fatty and nitrogenous substances, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. It is recommended for diabetics and people with lung diseases. It is useful against parasites in the intestines. Walnut leaves can be used to make an aperitif that has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa.
Aperitif with walnut leaves – for one glass of brandy, count 30 grams of leaves. Keep the soaked fresh walnut leaves in an airtight bottle for 15 days. Shake the bottle occasionally. Then filter and add 1 liter of white wine, 15 cubes of sugar. Leave for 7 days. If the drink stays longer, it will be even tastier.

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