7 life guidelines for an inner sense of joy and contentment

  1. Courage – is the limit that separates people from a new and perhaps exciting part of life. It can be a novelty in life, a turning point, a new step into the unexplored and the like. Courage is a new beginning, a drastic change in life, the adoption of a child, the first parachute jump, or climbing a tree for the first time in your life. The courage is to start doing business without knowledge and experience with minimal start-up capital. Many life lessons are motivated by courage but without planning or knowledge. Courage is any step out of everyday life.
  2. Stay forever childish- every childish gesture or situation brings a smile to the face of many adults. It is good sometimes to turn from the main to the side street and be a child for a while. Look forward to the little things, learning new / old, discovering new things and experiences that lead to laughter and happy emotions.
  3. Positivism in life – from great and difficult crises and life situations come important spiritual and life experiences, strong lessons. People need to be focused on solutions, opportunities and seeking the good in difficult moments instead of further hurting and aggravating difficult life circumstances.
  4. Balance with other people – internal and external balance is important in relations with one’s own person and all other people. Kindness, tolerance and laughter are important parts of human relationships. Inner peace brings joy and stability — one needs to find a purpose / goal that helps achieve inner peace that leads to joy and a happy / fulfilled heart.
  5. There is always a way out and a solution to the problem – when people are convinced that they are not victims and literally create their own world – then they have the power to control themselves and find a solution and way out of any seemingly hopeless situation. Nothing is carved into the rock. Every problem has a solution. Only people need to find the best solution (which suits all participants best) for all life situations and problems.
  6. Heart, intuition and mind are connected with our lives. A solution to a situation or a life guideline can be insane if we listen to the mind but it can be the most important act or the most correct decision in someone’s life. The path is clearer and every day is happier if people skip reason and ego or minimize it and live from their own spirit and soul. Each person has a unique combination of gifts and abilities. One should know how to use one’s own gift for the right purposes.
  7. Goodness, beauty and magic – people should have more faith in goodness, miracles and more or deeper observation of the beauty around them in their own environment and stay on it as long as possible. Goodness, the perception of beauty in all its forms, the belief that miracles sometimes exist create a feeling of joy and happiness and warmth in the heart and soul.

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