A sense of abundance requires a little wisdom and awareness

The notion of abundance before the pandemic was most often associated with a greater amount of material and tangible values. Such an idea literally pushed people into an exhausting race to achieve influence and power, to accumulate things and objects of material value, and to acquire large amounts of money. With a lot of energy invested, it was accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and concern about sufficient / insufficient material achievements. The feeling of happiness then constantly eludes. People chase the imposed ideals of success and achievement, which leads to deep dissatisfaction and constant exhaustion (mental and physical).
A sense of abundance means a fulfilled and joyful heart. It is a special state of mind when a person is joyful and fulfilled on the inside. He feels that he belongs to the world around him and he feels that that world belongs to that person. A sense of abundance means recognizing one’s own desires and skills, feelings and strength of heart. Feelings of contentment and gratitude are examples of abundance. Abundance is the realization that we have everything that makes us happy and fulfilled. It is the realization that a person is free and protected and follows the unhindered flow of giving and receiving, support, love and understanding, compassion and forgiveness.

Life passes relentlessly, the clock is ticking.

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