Reading recommendations: June 2021

1.The Farm (by Joanne Ramos) – writer Ramos summarizes several basic topics – tensions within the class, sexism, family planning, morals and friendship. At the heart of the plot is the story of Jane. Jane is an immigrant and single mother who decides to become a surrogate mother to make money. She enters the Golden Oaks, a facility where couples who cannot have children help women who want to help them. Unfortunately, Jane soon realizes that this system exploits less privileged people and manipulates them for the benefit of the elite.
2. Things You save in a Fire (by Katherine Center) -a wonderful novel that makes you think so it would be a great choice for book club meetings. When is it okay to be selfish to the detriment of others? How much guilt drives our decisions? Or revenge versus forgiveness – how does a person who forgives feel versus one who receives forgiveness? The story is told entirely from the perspective of Cassie, a strong woman who moves to a small town where a new job at a firehouse awaits her. Throughout the book, we meet a lovely team of brilliantly characterized main and supporting characters. You have a sense of socializing with the characters throughout the novel.
3. Soul Communication (by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha) – This describes the feeling of emptiness and loss and lack of contact with the environment. Perhaps these feelings have their roots in disconnection with the soul. Achieving successful relationships with the people around you requires personal harmony. Master of the soul and healer Dr. Zhi is the author of a series of books on the power of the soul. He is a physician of classical Western medicine. Dr. Zhi is also a physician of ancient Chinese medicine. Dr. Zhi is the founder of the World Movement for Peace, Enlightenment and Soul Healing. In this handbook, he reveals practical exercises that help open spiritual channels, travel to the soul of the individual, and achieve happiness, success, and fulfillment in life.
4.The Little Prince (Antoine De Saint-Exupéry )- book has broadened the horizons of many children and opened new horizons. The book still brings the story of the power of love, friendship and truth even though it was first published in 1943 in Paris. http://www.the
5. The Perfect Mother (Aimee Molloy) – the book is a psychological thriller. This novel, however, encompasses wider spheres as it deals with the themes of motherhood, family relationships, and the influence of the media on everyday life. The novel is a kind of critique of a society in which the relentless media search for sensation distorts the picture of reality. He then turns the protagonists into victims. After meeting through social media, a group of mothers start socializing regularly at Brooklyn Prospect Park. These mothers are May mothers because they gave birth to children during the month of May. They support each other during the first days of motherhood. Their beautiful story takes a different path when single mother Winnie leaves a seven-week-old baby with a nanny to go to the park. The baby is gone. A frantic search begins.

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