10 reasons why reading is always an important activity

10 reasons why reading is always an important activity
Reading from the screen or from paper is increasingly becoming a race against time to bring the text to an end as soon as possible rather than discovering the meaning of the text. Careful reading advocates a different approach.

  1. Careful reading — forces the reader to slow down and turn reading into a process of calm reflection. The process of calm reflection requires focus and the release of distracting thoughts. The reader can then devote himself entirely to words and text.
  2. Before reading, it is advisable for the person to sit in silence for a few minutes. A person should devote himself to breathing by releasing thoughts and sensations. Only when the person is calm should a book or text be taken.
  3. When the reader notices an interesting and intriguing text in the book – he should read that sentence several times again. One should focus on that sentence, the feelings it evokes or the images.
  4. The reader should repeat this interesting sentence and try to notice some other meaning of the sentence.
  5. It is advisable to re-read the whole chapter of the book or the whole page to understand the new meaning.
  6. After completing the reading — the reader should remain in that still position for a few moments focusing the mind to inhale and exhale.
  7. The reader should also try to discover the lesson learned that emerged after reading the text.
  8. Reading aloud is extremely important for the development of cognitive abilities of children and adults. Thus, writing and reading skills are developed, vocabulary is expanded and success in acquiring knowledge and skills is achieved.
  9. Just 15 minutes of reading a day gives children and adults long-term benefits
  10. Scientists from the American University of Ohio State have calculated that children at the youngest age who are read by adults every day for up to 5 years hear 1.4 million words more than children who are not read by adults.



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