8 tips for men’s skin hygiene during a stay in the mountains and activities in nature


Facial skin is usually particularly sensitive when we stay in warm rooms with dry air while the air outside is cold and sharp. Additional stress adversely affects the cells, affects the appearance of the skin and disrupts the structure of collagen. In the male population, the sebaceous glands work more slowly during colder days. Fats are less distributed. Some parts of the skin remain unprotected and more prone to impurities. In men, there is a side effect of shaving when small skin injuries can occur. These are additional irritations that make the skin more permeable. Facial skin should be protected from the cold, especially when a person is engaged in activities in nature.

  1. Ideal facial skin care products for men during the summer period are gels and fluids.
  2. Gels and fluids are not desirable for colder weather as they can freeze on the skin in cold weather.
  3. It is desirable to use products with a protection factor of at least 30.
  4. The skin needs to be cleansed with mild and pH neutral products, especially after sports.
  5. Masks, serums and hydro-gels are suitable after showering for additional skin hydration.
  6. If a person often stays indoors, it is desirable to use masks, serums and hydro-gels often and regularly.
  7. For impure facial skin, products with salicylic acid and a low concentration of fruit acid (2 to 3 times a week) should be used.
  8. It is necessary to preventively use products with a high content of vitamin C to reduce stress.



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