“7 steps” method with minimum goals for a better everyday life

Self-confidence is strengthened when a person achieves minimal and small goals every day with the help of a simple “Method with 7 guidelines”.

  1. Daily exercise — a person to walk 10,000 steps every day, or a light 1-kilometer run, or use stairs instead of an elevator
  2. Aim to strengthen immunity and overall health – planting vegetables / fruits and plants in the garden (or on the terrace), reducing the intake of sugar and sweets
  3. Aim to strengthen the spiritual state of the individual-daily learning new words from a foreign language, or take time for a Micro-Learning course
  4. Aim to boost self-confidence-sing karaoke or sing in front of a mirror, discover a new hobby, learn to ride a bike or other vehicle
  5. The goal for a more beautiful appearance – wash your face daily or often in the water in which the rice was cooked, or make your own and try a mask with ingredients that we always have in the kitchen (cinnamon, olive oil, apple, honey, etc.).
  6. The goal for a generally better everyday life – getting up 10 minutes earlier than usual, or painting the room yourself, or doing small household chores (changing the light bulb yourself, mending old torn clothes by hand .. etc)
  7. Aim to fulfill your own soul-laugh more, or listen often to soothing and oriental music, write poetry and prose and write any literary form, read in your free time

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