4 medicinal (home-made) brooms with branches and leaves of trees / plants

Dendrotherapy is a treatment therapy with trees. In this therapy, the person should hug a tree (birch, pine, etc.) and stay that way for 15 minutes. A person is filled with positive energy from the trees. Medicinal brooms can be made quickly and cheaply at home from the leaves and branches of trees. Tie the finished broom (made of leaves and tree branches) with a piece of rope. Keep and dry in a windy place under light pressure. Place the broom under a stream of hot water 10-15 minutes before use. You can also use homemade brooms in the bathroom after each bath / shower.

  1. Birch is one of the trees that is recommended in the treatment of trees. However, birch leaves can be used for other purposes. Pick birch leaves with stems and combine them into a bouquet. Connect the bouquet at the bottom with a rope to get a “healing broom”. Gently pat yourself on the back, body, thighs, and legs and arms with a broom. Birch is effective against rheumatic pains, solves cellulite, helps with headaches, wound healing and relieves inflammatory processes of the skin. A broom with birch twigs is used to lighten the skin on the face and body.
  2. Nettle-nettle brooms are used in saunas. These brooms are rich in vitamins and acids and perfectly stimulate circulation in the skin. These brooms also rejuvenate and warm the body. Treating the whole body with nettle leaf brooms relieves joint pain, removes fatigue, disperses lactic acid in tired muscles, cleanses the skin, relieves inflammatory processes and heals burns and wounds. Nettles are collected at the beginning of flowering. Cut strong stems up to 40 cm long. You can add branches of other plants to the broom to strengthen the strength of the broom and increase efficiency.
  3. Oak-broom made of nettle leaves is combined with branches and leaves of oak wood. It is used for problematic skin prone to acne, pimples and redness. It is used for rheumatic pains and gout. Eliminates inflammatory skin processes and relieves joint pain.
  4. Black currant – a broom made from the branches of black currant is used to achieve velvety skin of the face and body. Pick a few branches of black currant. Bind the broom with a piece of rope. Lightly slap or massage your face and body. Repeat the procedure as needed.

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