Healthy morning rituals immediately after waking up


Healthy morning rituals immediately after waking up
The functionality of all systems in the body depends largely on the first morning rituals and habits that we perform immediately after waking up.

  1. Suddenly jumping out of bed after the bell rings – during sleep the joints and muscles in the body are relaxed. Sudden morning movements activate cell stress, disrupt metabolism in tissues. Elasticity and mobility of the joints are lost. Therefore, a slight stretch is required immediately upon awakening. It is desirable to get out of bed slightly. Then light morning gymnastics lasting 5 to 10 minutes is desirable.
  2. Delayed ringing will not allow a person to have a long and quality sleep, but will save valuable morning time for other activities (coffee, dressing, breakfast preparation, etc.).
  3. Breakfast is the most important meal – drinking coffee on an empty stomach is harmful. A hearty lunch or double-lunch will not replace a denied breakfast. Overeating during the day will disrupt the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of enzymes. It is best to have breakfast half an hour after waking up. Then the organism begins to work with full force.
  4. Quality breakfast should contain protein-sweets for breakfast are not the optimal choice because a sudden rise in blood sugar quickly saturates the body, but after half an hour to an hour there is hunger. This happens because the sugar is quickly processed in the body and then does not provide the necessary energy. It’s a large amount of calories that is easily overdone by constantly consuming carbs. A quality breakfast should contain protein. This means eggs, lean fish, cow’s cheese, yellow cheeses, unsweetened fruits (apples, citrus fruits, berries), sour-milk products and oatmeal (and other porridge).

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