Natural remedies for better lung function and easier breathing

Natural remedies for better lung function and easier breathing

Natural methods can help relieve pain and discomfort caused by the creation of a larger amount of secretions in the lungs. Higher amounts of secretions in the lungs are most often created after excessive consumption of sweets, dairy products, starch-containing products and flour products, fatty and semi-finished foods. Sometimes there is a problem with digestion (and toxins remain in the body and so mucus collects), nausea, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Mucus accumulates in people who are overweight or people who are less mobile. Accumulated mucus can also sample bronchial asthma. Horseradish root, water, pepper and cinnamon, and chest drainage help address these symptoms.
Horseradish-horseradish root grated. Fill the cups and add two or three lemons. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. This mixture can stand in the refrigerator for a long time. Take half a teaspoon in the morning and during the second half of the day. Do not eat or drink for 30-40 minutes after using a mixture of horseradish and lemon.
Water – to dissolve secretions and make coughing easier, drink half a glass of water with a little baking soda and a little salt twice a day before meals. Rinse throat with warm water. Do three of these procedures during the day, best before meals. With regular rinsing of the throat and drinking enough water, the organism will gradually get rid of the excess secretion accumulated in the throat and lungs. Thus, there will be no soil suitable for the development of the disease.
Chest drainage at home – inhale slowly and deeply through the nose 4-5 times. Exhale through pursed lips. Change body position with each new breath. After a deep breath, cough 3-4 times with one exhalation. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times combining with tapping on the chest. Do drainage for 20-30 minutes in the morning and evening. The air in the room should be fresh, dry and free of dust. Ventilate the room often, wipe the dust with a damp cloth. Use a humidifier. The secretion often disappears very quickly after the elimination of irritating elements.
Pepper, ginger and cinnamon- Ayurveda uses a mixture of ground long black pepper (pipali) and ginger in equal amounts. This mixture strengthens digestion, and removes the collected mucus from the body. Take ¼ small spoons three times a day after meals with one tablespoon of warm water. Therapy lasts an average of two weeks. You can also add hot spices (pepper, ginger, cloves, minced garlic and cinnamon) to dishes. This is simpler and will benefit people with gastrointestinal problems. The main meal should be during lunch while only a light dinner is allowed.

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