It is desirable to use unrefined sea salt in small quantities

It is desirable to use unrefined sea salt in small quantities
Salt is an element that warms the body – from the perspective of practitioners of Eastern medicine. Salt drives internal energy. Salt contributes to the cleansing of the body. It raises vitality. It stimulates the strengthening of sexual functions. Restores hair and bones. Strengthens concentration and mood. Salty tastes have a positive effect on the digestive system because they stimulate the secretion of saliva and juices from the stomach – says medicine from the East of the planet. Salt has positive effects if used in moderation.
Due to the uncontrolled use of salt, numerous health problems can occur (hypertension, menopausal problems, blockage of blood vessels). Excess salt contributes to mental inflexibility, tension and irritability. Statistics say: two out of three people with diabetes have high blood pressure which increases the risk of developing complications of diabetes (impaired vision, problems with kidneys, heart disease, stroke). That is why it is important to use only unrefined sea salt in small quantities.
Morse salt is a food with a lower sodium content. The amount of sodium varies depending on the manufacturer, the location of salt collection and the method of processing. The nutrition table should always be read on the packaging. Table salt contains only sodium chloride. Sea salt contains over 80 minerals and other elements that are important for the functioning of the organism.
Homemade salt with herbs
Chop ¼ cups of rosemary, sage and thyme leaves (all plants without stems). Squeeze one larger garlic. Add half a cup of sea salt. Mix until you get fine crumbs. Add a little more salt if the mixture is too moist. Store the prepared mixture in a closed container for a maximum of 4 months. Use for soups, broths, stews, sauces, dressing for salads and the like.

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