10 tips for a happier and better mood

10 tips for a happier and better mood
Negative feelings (stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, nervousness, anger, rage and dissatisfaction) stimulate the secretion of stress hormones and the person loses interest and motivation to perform physical activities and lead a healthy life. Happiness, optimism and non-exposure to stress strengthen the general condition of the organism (in healthy people and chronic patients). In a state of happiness and positive emotions, the body releases smaller amounts of stress hormones. Otherwise (when a person is stressed or angry) the blood sugar level rises. The body reacts as if it has been attacked and prepares to take some action. It secretes the hormones cortisol and adrenaline (so-called stress hormones). These hormones stimulate the body to release glucose reserves into the bloodstream as energy needed to fight stress.

  1. Write the so-called “Diary of Happiness” – this resume should contain primarily personal and emotional successes and business achievements that give a sense of pride and happiness. Organize your diary by dates and events. Write down special moments and experiences, travels, business successes and all the events that conditioned the feelings of happiness and pride.
  2. Vanilla-the smell of vanilla improves the taste and has a strong effect. Research says that inhaling the scent of vanilla can enhance the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.
  3. Walking and running-Mental health experts believe that a brisk walk lasting 10 minutes can improve mood, bring down stress levels and alleviate feelings of fear. At the end of the walk, add a fast run (sprint of only 30 seconds) then the endorphin level doubles. The good mood will last for an hour and a half.
  4. Physical touches and the strength of human contact – during the exchange of physical touches (hugs, kisses) dopamine (a hormone for the feeling of satisfaction and reward) and serotonin are released, which helps regulate emotions. Expanding the circle with positive people helps us to look at the world differently. Each person can be a positive person to themselves and others to the mutual benefit and satisfaction.
  5. Socializing with animals – cleaning cages for smaller animals, taking the dog for a walk, going shopping for pet food means staying outdoors and a certain form of activity for the owners.
  6. Sorting personal photos-research shows that flipping through photo albums lifts the mood by 11%. The feeling of happiness and comfort is also evoked by looking at photos in which there are dear and close people and happy moments.
  7. Spontaneity – do something without planning or spontaneously. Changing your daily routine is reminiscent of freedom and enjoyment of the moment.
  8. Body in the correct position – sitting with the back straight and the head raised high gives a feeling of self-confidence. This posture improves mood. A scientific study was conducted in which people with mild and moderate depression participated. The study showed that these individuals had a reduced feeling of general weakness and anxiety after sitting in the correct position.
  9. Rejection – when the demands of the environment become excessive, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and exploitation. Don’t apologize excessively and constantly to other people. This underscores the fact that you refuse to do anything. Simple sentences and spoken in an assertive way in which a person says that he cannot fulfill a request because he has other obligations – are enough.
  10. Write on paper a letter explaining the aspect of your own personality and the aspect of life in which you are not happy. Express your feelings fully. Then write on a piece of paper the answer (return letter) of an imaginary person / friend who accepts you with all the flaws and mistakes. When you read the answer, accept love and care. Try to incorporate this level of self-acceptance and self-awareness into your daily life in the future.

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