5 tips for quick cleaning of your home pharmacy

5 tips for quick cleaning of your home pharmacy
From time to time it is necessary to clean the home pharmacy and throw away all expired medicines.

  1. Sort medications by purpose — remove all boxes and packages from drawers and cabinets. Then sort the preparations according to their purpose and based on the frequency of application (daily or occasional use).
  2. Checking the expiration date – remove medicines with invalid expiration dates from the cupboards and drawers. The same goes for insulin ampoules because most ampoules last 30 to 42 days.
  3. Checking the dosage of medications — analyze the dosage of commonly used medications. The need to use some medications changes according to changes in health status (e.g. body weight) and level of physical activity.
  4. Proper disposal of invalid medicines – medicines with invalid expiration date and other useless medicines are best taken directly to a pharmacy that has a special space for disposal of expired medicines.
  5. Another option for disposing of useless medicines – read the instructions on the back of the package on how to safely dispose of expired medicines. Then dispose of the medicines according to the instructions on the package.

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