8 useful tips for a sudden panic attack

A panic attack is an anxiety disorder that often occurs suddenly (without any prior sign or warning). A person who experiences a panic attack thinks he is dying, losing consciousness or going crazy. A panic attack means intense fears that seem insurmountable at that moment. There are tips on how to help yourself during a panic attack.
1.Reading-helps with panic attacks. When the situation is most difficult every person should start to read. It is best to read aloud or at least quietly, pronouncing the words from the text clearly. The reading center and the panic center cannot work at the same time. When a person’s panic center switches to a reading center, the panic center, which is otherwise difficult to extinguish under forced thoughts, shuts down. At first the person will seem unable to read but after a few minutes the reading center is activated and doing its job.
2.Leaving the room – when a panic attack occurs, it is best to leave the room / space where the attack took place as soon as possible. The environment needs to change. The best option is to get out into the fresh air in the open and hold until the attack is over. And when the attack is over you should wait a while before returning to the home / space.
3.Talk to a psychiatrist – when a person experiences a panic attack, they often visit an ambulance (and a cardiologist). No physical symptoms or problems were found. Then a visit to a psychiatrist (psychologist) is recommended, where the best option is considered to be so-called “cognitive behavioral therapy” (i.e. changing habits such as avoiding stress, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, quitting smoking, getting enough sleep and introducing a proper diet).
4.Change of thinking – due to the terrible symptoms associated with a panic attack, a person often thinks about death. It is important to refrain and think rationally because a panic attack has never been the cause of death. Let the thoughts be about these attacks lasting for a few minutes after which the person is calm again. Then all the unpleasant symptoms disappear and the person is uninjured.
5.Stable protection – a panic attack is accompanied by a loss of orientation, so the person thinks he/or she will lose consciousness. It is important at this point to find a safe place or something that instills security (put on a little of your favorite perfume, inhale a little of your favorite perfume, or grab the door handle with your hand, and the like). Then the feeling of helplessness will not further intensify the existing fear.
6,Breathing — let it be deep and conscious. Or take a paper bag into which you will consciously breathe.
Awareness of emotions during a panic-person is in a meta position during an attack and this means that the person is aware of an event that needs to be reasonably observed (as if it is happening to another person). Write down on paper all the symptoms you have recognized and will keep in mind if the attack occurs again. Then you can consciously tell yourself that it is an attack that will soon pass.
7.Water is a kind of help – it is known that water can heal people. Spray your face with the water. Also take ice cubes in your hands. Hold the ice cubes while the attack lasts.
8. Recognize the body’s reactions – during a panic attack, people often think that they will have a heart attack or that they will be unconscious. All doctors confirmed that they were not having a heart attack. With this in mind, any person will find it easier to overcome a panic attack.


    • Dear “haoyando”,

      Yes, as an old proverb say “Everything can happen to everybody. Nothing is written on a rock. ” Thanks a lot for your nice and friendly words. In some specific situation we all need to react faster as much as we can. Wish you all the best. Amela

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    • Dear Webb,

      You are very welcome. Also I thank you for your very positive and very friendly comments. I appreciate it a lot. All kind of comments are very welcome. Helping us furthermore to present other useful content. Wish you all the best. Amela.

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