Exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening


Exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening
There are many theories about the optimal period of the day suitable for exercise. Research says that a person can get used to exercise / physical activity at different times of the day. Ideal timing is subjective. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of exercising in the morning and evening.


Morning exercise:
-possibility to perform physical activity unhindered before other daily obligations
-sufficient energy inflow
-improved fat burning process
-energetic physical activities in the morning accelerate metabolism in the next 12 hours
-Some people find it difficult to wake up and function in the morning
-persons who use anti-diabetics before exercise should measure blood glucose levels, then have breakfast to prevent hypoglycemia
Afternoon and evening exercise:
-inflow of energy after a busy and hard day
-Research says people feel stronger in the afternoon
-Physical activity before bed can disrupt sleep
-it is easier to give up training if some tempting social activity occurs



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