A warm bath is a pleasure for the skin and soul


A great start to any wellness program is a relaxing and warm bath. The bath suits the skin and the soul. The thought of a bath is also the thought of the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathing in milk and honey — as legend has it. Milk otherwise hydrates dry skin. Honey with enzymes regenerates the skin and alleviates inflammatory processes. However, numerous bath supplements relieve tension, calm the nerves, relax by supplying the body and spirit with energy. The bath removes impurities and dust from the upper layer of the skin. The bath gives a pleasant feeling because the water releases the daily burden, and relaxes the muscles and psyche. All sensors are turned on using a bath.

  1. Bath is a desirable form of relaxation because the blood reaches the heart and lungs faster. The kidneys excrete more fluid. Bathing in the bath stimulates metabolism and the formation of new cells.
  2. When bathing in warm water, the body temperature increases. That is why baths have a positive effect on the immune system.
  3. The temperature of the bath water should never be above 38 ° C as circulation problems may occur.
  4. Colder baths are suitable for regeneration after sports. The temperature should then be between 15 and 18 degrees.
  5. The body should be treated with short jets of water to achieve a positive effect on the body.
  6. Bathing should not last longer than recommended. The recommended bath is 20 minutes as a longer period of time can cause circulation difficulties. A relaxing walk after bathing is desirable. The minimum period of stay in the water is at least 5-10 minutes because some supplements release effective ingredients only after 5 minutes.
  7. Bath supplement has a positive effect on the body. Hops and lemon balm leaves help eliminate nervousness. Chamomile leaves alleviate inflammatory conditions. Cold symptoms are reduced by eucalyptus and spruce oil. Spruce and rosemary needles stimulate blood circulation and provide energy. Arnica stimulates the regeneration process and releases weight in the legs. St. John’s wort and Valerian relax the spirit, are suitable for the nerves and allow easy sleep.
  8. Be careful when adding essential oils to baths. Essential oils need binders (such as milk) that can be broken down in water.
  9. A short morning bath with rosemary can wake up even people who are not prone to waking up early.
  10. Cleopatra’s bath with milk and honey – mix 10 tablespoons of honey and 2 liters of whole milk. Heat the mixture until the honey melts. Only then add the mixture to the bath water.
  11. Beauty ritual for soft skin. It starts with brushing dry skin with a massage brush. It is performed in circular motions from the feet to the upper body. This starts the circulation and removes dead cells from the skin. Hair and face masks have an even more beneficial effect on the skin due to the humidity in the bathroom.
  12. For bathing in the bath, you can use a bath pillow or a rolled-up towel that is placed under the neck.
  13. Classic and edible baking soda is perfect for basic baths. At a temperature of 37 ° C it is necessary to dissolve 100 grams of baking soda for a full bath.
  14. Mix one tablespoon of almond oil with a little bath salt with lavender, 250 grams of sea salt (or Dead Sea salt). Add lavender oil. Mix all ingredients well. Pour the mixture into a glass jar. Let it stand for a day. Three tablespoons of this mixture should be added for a full bath of water. The scent of lavender has a relaxing effect. Salt will make the skin softer.
  15. Water can adversely affect the upper (protective) layer of dry and sensitive skin. The warmer the water then the skin loses more moisture. For people with extremely dry skin, basic baths or baths with salt juice are preferred. These baths contain sodium chloride and minerals (magnesium, iodine and calcium) that have a healing, antiseptic and detoxifying effect. Basic baths stimulate skin regeneration. Because the skin wants to bring the pH value into balance, then the skin begins to produce lipids (which are essential for the oily layer of the skin). After this bath, the skin should be dried with a gentle and soft towel, as this will keep the minerals on the skin and start the work of the sebaceous glands.


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