10 tips for general cleaning of all rooms in the home


10 tips for general cleaning of all rooms in the home
Cleaning rooms in the home and household chores can be much easier with a little systematization, good will and choosing good cleaning products.

  1. Cleaning should only start in parts of the home where everything is already tidied up. It is necessary to prepare the home in detail. Separate items that are no longer needed.
  2. General cleaning has a simple principle. Cleaning goes from the upper part of the room to the lower part of the room. Then, for example, the window cleaner will not drip on the cleaned floor.
  3. Use multi-room products and types of materials when cleaning one room at a time.
  4. You can clean the ceramic tiles first. Then clean all glass surfaces. Finish the cleaning with the floor. This principle encourages motivation and provides a better insight into all rooms of the home. The job of cleaning is completed faster when the person is more motivated.
  5. They use dual-purpose aids (for example, floor cleaners that clean at the same time but have the option of spraying water from the cleaner handle).
  6. Set aside the time saved for general cleaning of the microwave, stove and cutlery.
  7. Use stain removers to remove stains / stains from carpets and upholstered furniture. Some unpleasant odors cannot be removed with room radiation. Then use an air freshener.
  8. Use small household tricks that save time and serve for faster and more efficient cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can be a replacement for a floor cleaner. Multi-purpose wet wipes quickly clean all surfaces from dust and accumulated dirt. Magic cloths for windows and glass surfaces are also a great choice for removing dust. Do not soak the cloths in water as this attracts and removes impurities like a magnet.
  9. For the kitchen, use a special detergent designed to clean the kitchen and kitchen items. This product will remove all greasy deposits, dirt and stains around kitchen appliances.
  10. You can always add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (for example orange, mandarin, cinnamon, etc.) to odorless cleansers, which gives a better mood and improves the overall atmosphere after a general cleansing.

According to the Good House Keeping web magazine

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