10 interesting facts about Amaryllis plant


  1. Amaryllis is a plant with a beautiful flower. It can be a garden and houseplant. The large flowers resemble trumpets. The flowers are on a tall and thick green stalk. The flowers have intense colors.
  2. This plant originally grows in South America. She arrived in Europe back in 1918. The plant is related to the daffodil. The Latin name of the plant is Hippeastrum.
  3. It is planted from a bulb that is laid in the ground in the fall. This flower and poinsettia are frequent gifts for the Christmas holidays. If the plant is planted in a jar in early November then it will bloom for the Christmas holidays.
  4. If you have this plant at home, wait for it to finish flowering. Cut the faded flowers above the bulb. In the spring, move the jar to the garden.
  5. Planting bulbs is from November to January. Bulbs should be planted in well-drained soil. Plant one bulb in a pot and leave the top of the bulb outside. After planting the bulbs do not water so as not to rot. Water for the first time after a week.
  6. Keep in a cool place. When the plant starts to bloom, switch to a bright place. Water the plant often and start fertilizing (once a month).
  7. On warm days, look for a semi-shady outdoor area and position the jars. Amaryllis loves crowds and cramped space.
  8. When planting plants in the garden bulbs go into the ground in late autumn. They are not watered during the winter.
  9. Amaryllis in the garden can be planted in warmer regions. It is very resistant and will survive without prolonged watering.
  10. When the plant blooms, fertilization is needed to make the plant healthier and the flowers richer.

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