10 interesting facts about the fuchsia flower


  1. Fuchsia does not require special gardening skills. That is why it is a favorite flower for growing and for beginners in gardening.
  2. Fuchsia is a place of enchanting beauty. It originates from South America and Mexico, tropical and subtropical areas. It was named after Leonhart or Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th-century German botanist. Leonhard Fuchs was a German physician and botanist. Fuchs is best known as the author of a great book on plants and their use as medicinal herbs, first published in 1542 in Latin. The botanical genus Fuchsia is named in his honor and consequently the color fuchsia.There are more than 840 species of this flower.
  3. This is a refined and fragile flower but also a tough and hardy plant that does not require too much effort. Fuchsia is not complicated to grow. It is planted in May at a depth of about ten centimetres. It is planted in the lee in a semi-shady place. This plant originally grows in rain forests and loves crowds. It can be planted next to other plants that like shade (for example next to dahlias). Fuchsia is a perennial. It has a bushy shape.
  4. The planting soil should be loose, permeable and well drained. This plant does not like too much water although it loves moisture.
  5. The plant can be planted in a jar and kept on the balcony (or on the terrace). Fuchsia seedlings are planted in the jar.
  6. The plant should be fertilized once a month. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  7. It is important to keep the plant in one place because due to too much migration the flowers fall off.
  8. The plant should be cut after the end of summer and autumn. All leaves, flowers and branches that grow inwards and create a crowd should be removed.
  9. The plant should then be brought indoors and in a bright place to protect it from cold and frost.
  10. The color fuchsia symbolizes independence, optimism, femininity, sensuality and inspiration.




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