Crispy and delicious biscuits can stand in a glass jar for a long time

Crispy and delicious biscuits can stand in a glass jar for a long time

Flour, sweetener and fat are the basic ingredients of delicious dry cakes (biscuits). Other important ingredients are various types of milk, nuts, oatmeal or oatmeal, jelly candies and the like. Biscuits are less often baked at home because their preparation is considered to be time-consuming (each biscuit needs to be shaped separately). Also, many novice chefs find it impossible to achieve the desired crunchiness in their own kitchen compared to buying boxes of biscuits (to which various preservatives and additives are added to achieve crunchiness). The myth is also that homemade cookies need to put a lot of fat and sugar to be successful.
  1. Flour is the basic ingredient for biscuits and all other desserts. The choice of flour is important for the success of the recipe. It is desirable to buy flour with “Eco-certificate”. Semi-white flour or wheat flour is stable in composition and contains enough gluten (which is essential for mixtures without the use of egg-binding ingredients). Therefore, it is desirable to use this type of flour to a greater extent than other types of flour. It is richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber than ordinary white flour. Integral wheat flour contributes to the fragility of desserts. It enriches sweets with a fuller taste (than other types of flour) due to the presence of all components of whole wheat grain. Beginners often replace all other flours with wholemeal flour which is a mistake. This does not give a good result in the end neither with texture nor with taste nor with appearance. Wholemeal flour is too heavy, so it makes the biscuits gooey and gives the biscuits a “heavy” taste. Pyrrhic flour (i.e. dinkel, krupnik, spelt) is used more and more often. It serves as a substitute for wheat flour because it is easier to digest and contains less gluten. Many types of spelled flour (semi-white, white and wholemeal) as well as wheat flour can be found on the market. In most recipes, Pyrrhic flour can be a substitute for wheat flour but the same type of flour should be used. Gluten-free blends can be found in most stores today. The quality and composition of these mixtures often vary. Avoid mixtures with glucose and additives. Mixtures that successfully replace flour with gluten should contain various combinations of gluten-free cereal flour and some starch (corn, potato, tapioca or aru powder) and guar and / or xanthan gum which is the binding medium. For example Bob’s Red Mill flour can be combined with other blends. It is useful for beginners in cooking. It is desirable to monitor the results. An excellent addition to dry biscuits and dry cakes are oatmeal or millet flakes coarsely ground. They combine all the ingredients perfectly. They contribute to better taste and texture. An excellent addition to vegan biscuit mixes are ground nuts. Almonds, sesame, hazelnuts, cashews can be used due to their higher fat content and richer taste.
  2. Sweeteners for sweets and dry biscuits – solid sweeteners (demerar or muscovado sugar or coconut sugar) can be used for compact and crunchy biscuits. When the biscuits need to retain a light color (because other sugars are darker shades), birch sugar or xylitol ground mostly into a fine powder can be used. Birch sugar has a lower caloric value than white sugar. It has a low glycemic index so it is preferred more often. For a softer and creamier structure of smaller cakes (instead of crunchiness) liquid sweeteners (rice malt or date syrup) can be used. Agave nectar or agave syrup has a strong and sweet taste. It is an ideal substitute for honey.
  3. Fats for dry biscuits and dry cakes — it is advisable to avoid highly refined plain oils and oils from conventionally grown foods. The oil that is specifically made for frying and baking is sunflower oil. This oil is declared as “high oleic” or oil with a high content of oleic acid. It has stability and a neutral taste. This is an important feature for making cookies. Virgin coconut oil has a strong and pleasant coconut flavor that is not dominant. That’s why it’s suitable for cookies. This oil is not refined like odorless and tasteless coconut oil that can be used as a substitute oil. Non-hydrogenated biomargarine has a specific creaminess and similarity to butter. It is indispensable in some vegan biscuits especially in biscuits where it replaces butter. It can be used for spreading on slices of bread or in cooking.
  4. Other important ingredients – choosing the type of vegetable milk is important in the preparation of vegan cakes and biscuits. Biscuits aren’t that sensitive so it doesn’t matter what type of milk you use in the recipe. Soy, almond, oat, rice, coconut milk or other similar types of milk can be used. It is important to make sure that the taste of the milk matches the ingredients you are already using in the biscuits. Neutral vegetable milk will be more suitable for almond biscuits than coconut milk that already tastes like coconut. Use a small amount of baking powder without aluminum and / or baking soda to rise the dough. Thickener (aru powder or corn starch) can be used in smaller quantities. Serves as an extra bonding ingredient especially in sensitive mixtures that could disintegrate after baking (and without eggs). Examples are gluten-free cookie mixes.

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