The K18 Hair brand is based on innovative biotechnology

The product for hair renewal and care “K18 Hair” is a revolutionary product on the market. The product was created using computer technology and not in a lab like most hair restoration and care products. The user only needs 4 minutes to completely restore the hair and scalp.
Suveen Sahib is a co-founder of K18 Biomimetic Hairscience. Suveen experienced a moment of enlightenment and realized his own mission after talking to a colleague about hair problems and care products. He left the technology industry. He devoted himself to hair research from the aspect of biotechnology. It’s been a decade of mapping the entire keratin genome that makes up human hair. Sahib worked in collaboration with Professor Arthur Cavaco-Paul. Professor Arturo is a top European scientist in the field of bio engineering. Together they achieved astonishing results. Extensive research has resulted in revolutionary and innovative products that guarantee the recovery and restoration of damaged hair using molecular technology. They found that hair damage caused by chemical treatments (bleaching, dyeing), thermal and mechanical shaping, and environmental influences can be minimized, avoided, or repaired through the controlled use of proteins or peptides.
The K18 formula contains a patented technology that has developed from the analysis of as many as 1242 decapeptides, which cover the entire keratin genome (the fibrous structural protein that makes up hair). One peptide in particular stood out with its almost magical power to restore damaged hair to its original and youthful state – today this peptide is known as the patented K18 Peptide ™. K18 Peptides penetrate the center of each damaged hair. Thanks to its perfect size and structure, it connects broken chains and restores disulfide bonds. The hair is thus restored. Hair has regained strength, softness, smoothness and flutter.
Damage to the hair is caused by the breaking of the polypeptide chains that make up the internal structure of the hair. These chains are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the hair. With the weakening and separation of the chains, the hair loses its resistance and strength. It loses the look and feel of healthy hair. K18 is a leave-in product that does not include other hair care products (conditioners, masks, etc.).
K18 Hair has two forms – hair mask and spray. Both products are extremely easy to use. After shampooing and without the use of conditioner, a very small amount of mask is applied to still damp hair (briefly towel-dried). The mask is applied from the tips to the roots. Then wait 4 minutes for the ingredients to work. Then you can continue to style your hair as you wish without rinsing. The mask is intended for professional and home use. In the hair salon, the mask is combined with a spray. Here the procedure is similar to the previous one but the spray is applied to damp hair before the treatment.
K18 Hair has won numerous awards for excellence. Elle 2020 Future of Beauty Awards, which declared the product one of the most exciting and innovative products in the category of hair products. The “Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Award”, where he literally swept the competition in the field of hair care. The New Beauty Innovation Award Winner is a winner in the field of innovation. The product is adored by famous hairdressers and stylists and many world celebrities. With this brilliant and wonderful product, every hair can be smooth, shiny and healthy hair.

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