Flower bouquets, bold floral and seasonal wreaths strengthen the mood

Flower bouquets, bold floral and seasonal wreaths strengthen the mood
Peony, bright yellow flowers, dried grasses and dried flowers are among the main floral trends.
Peony: This beautiful flower blooms between April and June. They are a favorite among florists and the most anticipated flower of the season. It records a search growth on Google of 87% during 2020.
Yellow flowers: prominent colors (especially bright yellow) take over spring and summer. Yellow flowers have experienced a 50% increase in searches in the last year. (Clear light yellow is still the “Pantone” color of 2021.)
Mood-boosting bouquets: Soothing and relaxing flowers (like chamomile and lavender) are decorative and functional. It will be a big hit in the coming period after a particularly hard and stressful year. Sunflower is a flower that beautifies spaces and minds by following the trend of yellow flowers.
Dried grasses and flowers: Dried flowers in 2020 experienced an incredible increase of 511% of searches, (especially pampas grasses). Florists recommend styling dried herbs with rabbit tail grass, lavender and wild roses.
Clay vases: will be a big trend in home decorating, recording a 170% increase in searches. Experts say that natural earth tones (brown, terracotta and gray) will prevail.
Exotic flowers: Travel to exotic areas has been reduced due to the pandemic. The search for exotic flowers has been on the rise since January as people want to create a holiday oasis in their own home. Tropical flowers (like ginger, heliconia and leukospermum flowers) are ideal for the warmer months.
Dried Flowers: “How to Dry Flowers,” has experienced a 125% increase in searches, making it a major trend of the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Three methods are recommended: air drying, tumble drying and microwave drying.
Wreaths: not just for Christmas and funerals. Wreaths experienced an 84% increase in searches during 2020. Whether the wreaths are already finished or made by hand, wreaths add a great seasonal flair to any home. A visit to a local florist for seasonal longer wreaths is recommended.
Bouquets without lilies: beautiful lilies can be harmful to pets. Searches of flowering plants suitable for dogs, especially bouquets without lilies, recorded a 528% increase in searches during 2020. More and more people have taken pets into homes because of the pandemic.
Support for local florists and small businesses is more important than ever during economically difficult times, so it makes sense that local florists will be a priority.


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