Simple energy cleaning advice for a complete home and closet

Simple energy cleaning advice for a complete home and closet
The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui loves orange peel. Orange peels are a great way to cleanse the home of negative energy and restore harmony to the home. For this little cleansing ritual you need: 3 fresh oranges, water, a glass bowl and fresh flowers.
Home peeling procedure with orange peel:

  1. Peel an orange and do not peel it. Leave the fruits to eat. Divide the peel of each orange into 9 pieces. Put these pieces of crust in a bowl. Pour hot water to 3/4 bowl.
  2. Think of a positive affirmation: “With this ceremony, the negative energy goes away. Negative energy will be replaced by positive energy. ”
  3. Place a bowl at the entrance if you want to clean the entire home. Spray that water all over the house and repeat your chosen mantra and positive affirmation. Go through all the sectors in the home and closets.
  4. Discard water and bark. You can use oranges to eat.
  5. Then open the windows and doors as you fill the home with fresh energy.
  6. Place fresh flowers in the center of the room or home. In the next 9 days, replace the flowers three times. Let it be every three days. Let the last bouquet remain until it withers.

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