Sleeping with wet hair is the cause of many inconveniences

Sleeping with wet hair can cause a number of inconveniences. Some of the inconveniences can be bad for people’s health.
  1. Sleeping with wet hair affects the scalp and skin.
  2. Sleeping with wet hair can cause headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, neck pain.
  3. Body temperature rises during the night. Due to a wet head, the temperature of that part of the body will drop which causes a morning headache.
  4. If you sleep with a wet head on your side, you will experience muscle or neck pain. One side of the face will cool while the other side (which was on the pillow) will be warm. Such oscillations in temperature cause pain.
  5. Sleeping with wet hair / head increases the chances of developing allergies. The pillow can never be completely dried. One of the most common allergens is mites, which are suitable for humid environments.
  6. Sleeping with wet hair is not a suitable solution for people with weaker immunity and a greater tendency to colds and flu. With a cold, herpes or fever can appear on the lips.
  7. Acne is also another inconvenience if you sleep with wet hair. Acne then appears in the morning after sleep.
  8. Sleeping with wet hair affects the appearance of dandruff. A warm pillow when in contact with wet hair does not give good results. Dandruff is created due to fungi that respond to a humid and warm environment. Experts say that you use quality hair dryers because that way you remove dandruff. It is desirable to use better quality shampoos, masks and conditioners that also reduce and eliminate dandruff.
  9. Wet hair in combination with a wet pillow leads to more frequent breakage and loss of hair shine – experts warn. Hair quality can be damaged leading to frequent hair loss.
  10. Wet hair touches the neck, face and back when turning in sleep. The combination of damp hair and temperature in the bedroom can provide perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria that irritate the skin. Take time to dry your hair before bed. This will avoid many possible inconveniences.

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