Blue solar water is useful for healing and cleansing the body

Water conducts vibrations, frequencies of energies, crystals, colors and words. Blue solar water gives the powerful energy of the Sun, the source of all life and the fascinating properties of the healing and soothing blue color. This water has become especially popular and popular after the excellent book Zero Limits by Dr. Hew Lena and above all through Ho’o pono pono, an ancient Hawaiian healing technique.
Blue solar water is extremely healthy and helps cleanse deep negative subconscious programs that we automatically repeat over and over again. Blue solar water heals emotional wounds and blockages, releases blockages to the surface and releases these people thus helping to bring them back to zero, to a clean state, to a clean start, without a background noise of negative thoughts. This water fills with positivity, peace and love. It can be drunk by children with cancer, especially people on chemotherapy. It is even tastier than ordinary water. The recipe is simple.
It has been scientifically proven that blue has an incredibly powerful effect on the human brain, decision making and behavior. Blue sky means a beautiful, relaxing day. The clear calm blue sea means calm and serenity. In fact, everything that is blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, self-confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and paradise. Science says it is no coincidence that blue things give people a good feeling. After all, blue is also the only color of the spectrum that can extremely effectively prevent people from committing suicide
Blue has been shown to have a calming effect on people, which is why it is used in different ways. In 2000, police in Glasgow, Scotland, installed blue lighting in areas with high crime rates. Since then, crime in these infamous neighborhoods has dropped by nine percent. In Japan, several large railway companies have switched to exclusively blue light at all railway crossings. So far, they have achieved astonishing success: In 2007, a year before the blue lights were installed, there were 640 suicides. In 2008, after the lights were set, there were zero suicides – zero!
One theory says that color has a tangible, biological effect on brain chemistry. Harold Wohlfarth, president of the German Academy of Color Science, conducted the research. He found that colored lighting (colored light bulbs) really has a psychological impact on children and adults. Particularly bizarre in all this is the fact that it has an equal effect even on blind people. Wohlfarth believes that the traces of electromagnetic energies that make up colored light affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain. When light of a certain color falls on the eye, even if the eye is ‘faulty’, it affects the gland that produces melatonin, which creates a chain reaction that lifts the mood and calms the emotions.
Blue solar water at home
A blue glass bottle is needed – the shade of blue is not important either – the lightest and dark blue colors are equally effective; nor volume – a bottle of baby juice can serve quite well, reports
It is important to fill the bottle with filtered, spring or plain running water. The plug must not be metal. The plug can be cork, glass, even plastic, but not metal. The stopper only serves as protection from dust or insects that love this water. You will keep the water bottle in the sun for between 1 and 12 hours. If you keep it longer, the taste will become sweeter. If you are unable to expose the bottle to the sun, place the bottle under an incandescent bulb.
Drink this water as much as you can. The water is very tasty and drinkable. Somehow, the human body recognizes it, and even those people who normally drink a little, drink a few liters without any problems. Especially in times when you are cleaning something intensively, it is recommended to drink blue water. If you do not have more bottles available, one is enough, because just one drop of this water mixed with plain, gives the water all the properties of blue. is one drop!), watering flowers, pets, add it to the washing machine and dishwasher, car wash, floors and windows, put in a spray bottle and refresh the rooms, add to the bath. Once you have made the blue solar water, you can pour it into any other container, a plastic glass. You can keep the water in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

The book  „Zero Limits“   Dr. Hew Len

The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and more Joe Vitale

Ho’o pono pono Hawaiian healing tehnique

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